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Port Vintage Regular


As seen on:
— Empire Magazine
— Time Magazine
— Doors Biography
— Scrabble Typography 2nd Edition
— Saber Viver Magazine (Portugal)
— Revista Época Negócios (Brazil)
— Etc

Port Vintage has been used by several worldwide publications, from fashion magazines to cinema, business and art publications like Empire Magazine and Time Magazine, a biography of the Doors book, among many others, having also been featured on the limited edition of the popular Scrabble game — Scrabble Typography 2nd Edition and on a wide range of brands, projects and books. Now it's your time to finally make these families part of your toolset, bring your projects to a whole new level with these luxurious high-end font families.


- Port Vintage Regular
- Port Vintage Regular Italic

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Port Vintage is a new typeface expanded upon the original Port typeface, released in 2013, and being an experimental Didone typeface with a modern twist, inspired in the well known forms of typography masters such as Bodoni and Didot and the exuberance and elegance of calligraphy typefaces.

A lot of changes were made, the whole typeface is now softer and less rough, it's almost like it has matured and gained a whole new kind of flavour, not necessarily better than the original one but different, a new flavour for a different need, giving away the rough edges from Port and giving place to the soft transitions and curved connections between the steam and serif of Port Vintage.

Port Vintage melts the straight lines and strong contrasts of the Didone typefaces with the elegant lines of calligraphy in a geometric way, resulting in exuberant characters with geometric swashes that can be combined in countless ways.

The result of this experiment is Port Vintage, an unique and rich display typeface meant to be used on big sizes and it's main perk is the amount of alternative characters it features. Port Vintage is Open-Type programmed and includes hundreds of alternates, from swashes to titling alternates, ligatures and stylistic sets with each character having a thin version of itself, giving complete freedom to all your creative needs.

Port Vintage is available in several flavours: Port Vintage Regular, being the base version and featuring the whole base character set; Port Vintage Regular Decorated, featuring richer forms and containing more ornamentated and more extravagant characters; Port Vintage Medium and Port Vintage Medium Regular, designed for the occasions you need a bit more thickness and the decoration variants: Port Vintage Ornaments, containing a wide set of elements meant for the creation of fillets, vignettes and fleurons, resulting in an almost infinite number of possible combinations to embellish your designs and Port Vintage Words, a set of some of the most common words used in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. All styles, except Port Vintage Ornaments and Port Vintage Words, include italic styles.

For a better understanding of all the uses of Port Vintage and the full character list I recommend the reading of the manual:



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